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Mimu is supported purely by donations from our wonderful community!

We rely on donations to support the development, operation, and art of Mimu.
By donating, you'll be given perks based on the size of your contribution.

one-time payment

pay what you want, no strings attached

mimu keys
/ per

each key can be used for 10 or a month of server premium.

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when bought in bulk, keys after the third are at reduced cost of $3.5
(e.g. 2 keys are $8; 6 keys are $22.5)
1 key
want more? click here to increase the maximum by 50 keys!
continue with $4

monthly subscriptions

more perks, a monthly payment - don't fret about forgetting to renew

coming soon! please head to our patreon for subscriptions for now:

what's a mimu key?

A mimu key is a key code that allows you to redeem either 10 pet tickets (i.e. global currency) or a month of mimu premium with your selected server. Each key can only be redeemed for either tickets OR premium.

To redeem it for pet tickets , run the command .claimtickets in any server. to redeem it for premium, run the command .claimpremium in the server you'd like premium in for the month.

what do i get with server premium?

After obtaining a key, you have the option to spend it on premium.

If you decide to do so, you will gain the following perks:


Purchases are either one-time, or a monthly subscription, depending on which tier you decide to buy. Please see below for relevant information.

For one-time purchases, keys do not expire unless notified and stated otherwise. Keys can be gifted by sending your friend your key's code.

For subscriptions: perks only pertain during the month(s) of your subscription. Keys that pertain to that subscription do not expire unless notified and stated otherwise and are given on a monthly basis on your billed (and paid) date. Each subscription is linked to one Discord account - to transfer / switch Discord accounts that the perks are associated with, please go to your manage subscription page.

In addition, resale for real life equivalents, i.e. RMT, of perks that are provided as a result of your purchase is not permitted and against our Terms of Service.

If you need help, please reach out to our support in our Support Server.

refund policy

You are eligible for a full refund for your purchase within 7 days given that any key(s) pertaining to your purchase has not been used. If key(s) have already been used, you might not be eligible for a refund.

Refunds should be handled in a civil manner within our refund policy; we do not tolerate threats or chargebacks. We reserve the right to ban, terminate or deny service to users who decide to do so.

Please reach out to us if you'd like to request a refund. Thank you <3

by proceeding, you are indicating your agreement with our terms and refund policy.
oops! please log in with discord before you pay.

make sure you're on the correct account, then choose a way to pay: